How to setup your mobile grit blasting unit for onsite blasting projects!

There are a few important steps to take to maximize safety when setting up an abrasive blasting unit. We will go over these steps in this article and have you blasting like a professional in no time! First of all regular maintenance needs to be carried out on both air compressor and blast equipment as required. Make sure you check oil and water level of your air compressor before starting. The first step we take when setting up our mobile blast truck when onsite is connecting the blast hose to the sandblast pot, ensuring wire is placed through both safety holes as well as using whip checks correctly, this ensures we are protected in the case of a blow off. Our blast trucks are already plumbed up to the air compressor however if this is not the case your next step to take when setting up onsite shot blasting equipment is to connect your air delivery hose from air compressor to blast pot, inserting safety pins through both holes and always using a whip check. The next step is to connect your certified breathing filter to your air compressor, and your blast helmet to your breathing filter via your certified breathing air hose. It is extremely important replace breathing filter cartridges on time to avoid the break down of charcoal filter. We now connect our dead man to our blast pot and secure it to our blast hose in multiple places using tape or zip ties. Now that we have our blast pot connected to our compressor and our helmet ready to wear, all we have left is to start grit blasting. All you have to do is turn on your compressor following the manufacturers prompts, turn on your helmet and blast pot air and put on all you blasting PPE, blast helmet, blast gloves, blast suit, boots, earplugs and ensure you are in a safe area to proceed with works. Once you are ready you must adjust the flow of blast media to the desired rate using the valve at the bottom of your blast pot, the more you open it the more grit you will use. If you complete all of these steps you will be shot blasting like a pro in no time, impressing all your clients on mobile grit blasting projects. Be safe and happy blasting!